Loops, Blues, and Friends

2 03 2010

This year has been eye opening to me so far. I’ve had some events lately in my life that have changed the way I look at my life. Because of this shift in my thinking a lot has changed in the direction I want to take my music, and I’ve been finding that I’m enjoying revisiting my roots in blues music more. I’ve been becoming a regular at a local blues jam every Monday night. It feels great to go and jam out of some of the greats like Robert Johnson, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, and of course B.B. King (who is the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place). If you’ve seen me play at the last couple of shows I’ve done you know it’s currently just me and a loop pedal. I feel like it really makes me hone my skills a bit better, cause since it is just me, I don’t have the option of messing up on stage, and relying on a band to help cover up the mistake. It’s exhilarating. I have been really liking the way that I’m performing with this setup. It makes me feel closer to the audience, and doesn’t give me anything to hide behind. It’s like there’s strength in my vulnerability. I am in the course of getting a license to be a street performer as well, so I look forward to running in to some of you on the mean streets of SLC. And keep in mind, I am available for any event where you might need some good entertainment. Just respond back to this e-mail if you are interested, and we’ll work something out! I hope you will be able to make it out to one of my upcoming shows (for instance this Thursday at Club Elevate) so that we can chat and enjoy great nights with great friends! Thank you all for your amazing support. It has, and always will mean the world to me.



13 01 2010

Congratualations to Candice Allred Dudley, the winner of the song/story contest! She’ll be receiving a free EOB merchandise pack, and a song written for her based on the story she submitted to me! Keep checking back as we will be having more contests in the future! Talk to you soon!

-Eric Openshaw


Finally, an EOB update

14 12 2009

Keep your eyes out for this message on myspace, facebook, and twitter:

CONTEST ending 1.10.10 Reply @EricOpenshaw or to this status with YOUR song ideas Winner will get a song written for them & EOB merch pack

More on that later….

It’s been way to long since I’ve gotten a chance to get in touch with you. So much has been going on, and I’m bursting at the seams trying to contain all my thoughts about what’s happened in the last few months!

The big news some of you may know by now is that Rob, Tom and I have decided to go our seperate ways with music for the time being! Both of them have been two of the best friends I’ve ever had, and they will continue to be very close friends of mine. Thier musical directions and mine have just changed a lot and I felt that it would be better to intruduce some new members that are with my band for the same reasons I am. It has been really hard for us to go through with this, but in the end I believe it’s for the better. As soon as we start doing some shows (I’m hoping by the beginning of next year) you’ll be able to come meet and mingle with the new fellas I’ve brought in.

As of lately, I have been writing a ridiculous amount of music, and I have been struggling to keep my phone recorder as close as possible to capture the raw thoughts coming out of my head. It’s honestly a bit overwhealming! In my experience as a musician and as a song writer, I don’t believe I’ve ever been this inspired before. However, I feel like I want to be a part of your lives as well. So here’s what I was getting to above. I want to hear your ideas, your stories, and your thoughts that you think might make a good song! This is an opportunity to hear from all of you, and together the winner and I will get the opportunity to make a song, something really amazing, and I hope that it will be somthing that you all enjoy participating in. Start sending me your ideas by e-mail, or by twitter, myspace, or facebook. I want to hear from as many of you as possible! We’ll be giving runner up prizes too! So keep trying, and keep looking for this:

CONTEST ending 1.10.10 Reply @EricOpenshaw or to this status with YOUR song ideas Winner will get a song written for them & EOB merch pack

Good luck to all of you who enter!!!

I hope you all have a wonderfuly happy holiday season!

-Eric Openshaw