July Updates

6 07 2009

I just wanted to give an update about what’s going on with us this July. I recieved some sad news the past week: Rumors went out of business. That means no show on the 16th of July (though it’s not a total loss cause we’re going to see Incubus instead! Who’s with us?!). However, we should still be on for the 17th of July in Boise.

It seems we haven’t played a show for a long while. I really am looking forward to getting out there and doing a few more shows in the next few months. Any suggestions on where to play? We’d love to come to you to play a show. Hell, we’ll even play house partys! We just wanna get ourselves out there as much as possible!

This is also a reminder that we have a contest going on:

The Wiked Air Guitar Solo Contest!

Here are the rules:

1. Each competetor must submit a photo of themselves playing the craziest AIR GUITAR SOLO ever!

2. The photos MUST be over exaggerated! No “I’m serious playing my air guitar solo” pictures.

3. Be creative! Use props, use wigs, use your best friend! Use your best friend in a wig as a prop! It’s all up to you!

4. The best picture will win an autographed copy of the album This Stage signed by the band, and, in addition, will also receive a package of free stuff like t-shirts and posters etc..

5. All contestants will receive a free copy of our album This Stage, so start shooting.

6. SUBMIT ALL PICTURES TO ericopenshawband@gmail.com


Again, good luck!

You are so amazing as a fan! We can’t thank you enough! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your amazing support. Without you we wouldn’t be anywhere!

I hope we’ll see you at a show soon!




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