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Eric Openshaw
About Eric

The Eric Openshaw Band’s tremendous undertaking is to give the Utah music scene a shot of new life and vivacity. With catchy riffs and hooks, The Eric Openshaw Band, fronted by imaginative vocalist/guitarist Eric Openshaw, plays a blend of alternative rock and pop, with its defining roots in blues and jazz. While the Eric Openshaw Band has been compared to a harder edged John Mayer or Goo Goo Dolls, the band continues to have an evolving sound that shines a new light on alternative rock.

When Eric Openshaw, having played music since he was just entering elementary when he began taking piano lessons, found himself without a band in the summer of 2005 in Salt Lake City, he had a desperate craving to continue his passion of writing and performing music. He first started playing open mics at coffee houses and restaurants, utilizing just an acoustic guitar and a developing sound that gained him local attention. But, Eric grew tired of coffee shops, saying “There are too many places out there for me to play to be singing my heart out at a coffee shop.” Eric immediately enlisted the help of his friends Thomas Sienko, a skilled drummer and percussionist, and Rob Alvord, a funky bass player, to back him up at concerts. With a backing band, Eric began to be more and more inspired, and has since written a plethora of songs, all with different themes and different textures that define what Eric is trying to convey to his fans. In the process, The Eric Openshaw Band has managed to gain an enormous list of venues they have played, and entertained, including: Sugarhouse Coffee in Salt Lake, The Avalon Theater (an all ages venue), Liquid Joe’s (a local bar), and Wired and Unplugged (a coffee shop in Snohomish, WA). The Eric Openshaw Band has also made appearances on the radio and television on KXRK (96.3 FM) in Salt Lake City, KVTI (90.9 FM) in Tacoma, and Park City TV and has had the opportunity, and privilege to share the stage with national touring acts, Facing New York and Bitter:Sweet. In addition to the playing experience the Eric Openshaw Band has in and around Utah, the band has released several singles such as Something Like That and Seattle.

Together, the band has recently finished their debut album with a release date of March 31, 2009. The album, titled This Stage, pays homage to Eric’s evolution as songwriter and as a person. The Album takes you on a journey through his mentality, his emotion, and this stage of his life, hence the album title. He states, “If you were to listen to this album, beginning to end, you would have insight into a simple musician and a simple person trying to understand himself and the world around him.” The album’s instant recognition by it’s elaborate cover design, and it’s intricate weaving of song styles and moods, makes it an album that stands out within a genre that can often become limited.

The Eric Openshaw Band, born under the creativity of Eric Openshaw, points alternative music in a new direction where musical ideas are taken from a multitude of genres and influences, and pieced together with accuracy and precision. While the bands’ accomplishments are many, they know that they are just at the beginning of where this musical road wants to take them.


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