“Who can resist free things?”

21 05 2009

Here’s what’s going on in the world of the EOB:

After some confusion about what day we were playing at Kilby Court, we finally played last night, and what a fantastic show it was with Dent May and Matt Ben Jackson (no one in the band is named that just so ya know). I recently met Matt Ben Jackson at the benefit show we did for the Phi Sigma Delta house at the U of U. These guys make up one great band. The thing that stood out to me the most was their great harmonies and general passion for what they do on stage. It really comes through in their playing. You can tell they were having a good time! I also stuck around to see Dent May, a ukulele player and band all the way from from Mississippi. Whew! They put on an awesome show. We danced, sang, and had a great time! The Ukulele seems to be gaining popularity as an indie rock instrument between Dent May and Ingrid Michaelson (another favorite of mine.) Dent May stuck around too and we chatted a bit about touring and the life on the road. He had some really great insights on life on the road. They are currently on a short tour just to go to a place outside of seattle called George, Washington. Awesome name huh? There they will be one of the headlining bands of the Sasquatch Festival. I wish them luck in their endeavours!

Check out Dent May @ myspace.com/dentmay, and Matt Ben Jackson @ myspace.com/mattbenjackson

So, I know I’m always pitching shows hoping that you’ll be able to make it, but really, I absolutely love seeing your faces everytime you come out to shows! It brings so much joy to my heart that I can’t possibly begin to express. It means a lot to have your support to all of us. Playing to a crowd is so much more rewarding than playing to an empty room.

With that said, the Kilby Court show over with, we look now to our next show @ Liquid Joe’s. We have been trying, trying, and trying some more to get enough people to come to a Liquid Joe’s show to land a Friday slot playing with some really great local bands that have gained some great popularity like Drop Dead Julio, Medicine Circus, and others. We want to PACK Liquid Joe’s next Tuesday May 26th, and theTICKETS ARE FREE if you get a hold of us to either get your name on the guest list or get a hard ticket in hand! Besides, who can resist free things? Liquid Joe’s is located at 3300 s and 1249 e. Come have a drink with us and hang out with us! We want a tuesday party, and I’d love to see every one of your beautiful faces smiling in the front row!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read these e-mails! Really, your constant support is the reason we love doing this so much!

Have an awesome day and I hope we’ll see you on Tuesday the 26th of May at liquid Joe’s!

-Eric Openshaw

We wanna have some fun with you!

13 05 2009

I wanted to let everyone know, or remind you, that we have a show this friday night @ Kilby Court which is located at 741 S Kilby Ct (330 w). If you’ve never been to Kilby, it’s a cool little place, so come check it out. We’ll be playing with some supercool bands: Young Love, Paper Route, This is Anfield. We’re totally stoked! The show starts @ 7:00 pm and is only $5. Come hang out with us, cause it’s going to be an awesome show!


And if you haven’t already, check ericopenshaw.com to go buy our debut album This Stage that is currently reviewed in the SL City Weekly thanks to Brian Staker!

Talk to you soon!

-Eric Openshaw


New things on the website!

22 04 2009


We have some really cool updates on our website ericopenshaw.com!

We just got our store up and running in the store section of the site. There you can find t-shirts, stickers, posters, and CD’s to buy for yourself!

We also have a few new social networking sites virb, nextcat, a place where you can vote for us on MTV2 and others. Those links will all update quite often, so find us, follow us, friend us!

Currently we are looking for a 4th member to head up our keyboards department. We will be doing open auditions sometime soon for anyone who is interested. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, contact me @ ericopenshawband@gmail.com.

Keep checking back for even more cool updates about this site and the band!
Have a wonderful day!

New Myspace Design

13 04 2009

Check out our new Myspace design @ MySpace

Shows and CD release party!

23 03 2009

This month has been CRAZY! We have everything with the CD release show finally confirmed for the 10th of April at the Murray Theater! Personally, I am so excited about playing this, and not only am I excited to play this show, but I’m excited to see this show! The band line up is so great; check this out:

Eric Openshaw Band
Drop Dead Julio
The Futurists
This New Empire
Zack Vandermyde

What a great line up! So, because this line up is so great, we want as many people there dancing, partying and listening to some killer tunes! Tell everybody, bring everybody, you know! Friends, family, well-wishers, acquaintances, anybody is welcome at this show, and yes, it’s All Ages!!!
The show is booked at the MURRAY THEATER in Murray, Utah (4959 South State)
In addition to this awesome lineup, it gets better! The show is going to be a 2 for 1! The price of admission will also get you into the smaller venue SHO in the Murray Theater to see some kick ass bands:

Away We Go
Graduation Day
Big Time Crush

That’s 8 bands in one venue, in one night!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT US FOR TIX @ ericopenshawband@gmail.com or on http://myspace.com/ericopenshaw
Don’t worry, I’ll be reminding more about this in the next little while.

Next, I wanted to remind everyone about 2 really awesome things we have coming up.
On March 20th we have 2 shows in one day!
The first is a live appearance on KUTV channel 2, Salt Lake City. We’re playing a bunch of segments all morning on their morning show, so check us out as you are walking out the door for school or work!
That night, for all of our fans in Utah Valley, we are playing a show @ Muse Music w/ Haley Hendrickson, and Freely bound! The Show is @ 8 and is only $5 to get in! Muse Music is located at 151 North University Avenue.

We hope to see you there!

Well that’s all for now guys. I gotta run, but I hope to hear from you soon!


Update from Eric!

17 02 2009

How’s everything going in your world? I hope your Valentines Day festivities were great!
Wow, so much to get to this month so I’ll get right into it!

First – Thanks to the diligent help of our business consultant (fancy name huh?) Heather, We now officially have the band website up and running!


The site includes EVERYTHING Eric Openshaw Band! Bios on the members, music from the new album you can sample (and even sing along to with lyrics), photos, upcoming show dates, links to the equipment the band uses, all of the other places to find us, and coming soon even some merch that will be available directly through us!

This is one awesome site! Personally, I love it and think that the design and content is spectacular!
So when you get a chance at home, at work, even at school, check out the site and let us know what you think!

Second – We have a great show coming up opening for one great band, AN HORSE! An Horse is an amazing Indie/Pop touring band all the way from down under (Brisbane, Australia), and we feel privileged to be sharing the stage with them!

The show lineup also includes Avenue and aTiLast, two great local bands!

The show is on the 27th of February @ SHO in the Murray Theater (yes, where they did the hypnosis stuff) @ 7:00.
4959 South State Street, Murray, UT
Cost is $10

Check out the following links:

What a great show lineup!
Contact us for pre-sale tix if you wanna be there!

Third –We have an official release date for the album THIS STAGE: March 31st!
More details on this coming soon! It will be available all over the place, locally and all over the internet! And we will be giving further information about the CD release party as soon as we can!
So let the anticipation build! Woo!

Fourth – Finally, Be sure to check out the new links we have:
Go there and read the random thoughts I have during the day! Don’t forget to follow me, and I’ll return the favor!

Also check out our new facebook, and add us as a friend!

Whew! Well, I believe that’s all for now! There’s a lot of stuff to look forward to.
We’ll see you soon!

-Eric Openshaw

New Website Launch!

17 02 2009

Check out the new website. We always love feedback too!
much love,