Update from Eric!

17 02 2009

How’s everything going in your world? I hope your Valentines Day festivities were great!
Wow, so much to get to this month so I’ll get right into it!

First – Thanks to the diligent help of our business consultant (fancy name huh?) Heather, We now officially have the band website up and running!


The site includes EVERYTHING Eric Openshaw Band! Bios on the members, music from the new album you can sample (and even sing along to with lyrics), photos, upcoming show dates, links to the equipment the band uses, all of the other places to find us, and coming soon even some merch that will be available directly through us!

This is one awesome site! Personally, I love it and think that the design and content is spectacular!
So when you get a chance at home, at work, even at school, check out the site and let us know what you think!

Second – We have a great show coming up opening for one great band, AN HORSE! An Horse is an amazing Indie/Pop touring band all the way from down under (Brisbane, Australia), and we feel privileged to be sharing the stage with them!

The show lineup also includes Avenue and aTiLast, two great local bands!

The show is on the 27th of February @ SHO in the Murray Theater (yes, where they did the hypnosis stuff) @ 7:00.
4959 South State Street, Murray, UT
Cost is $10

Check out the following links:

What a great show lineup!
Contact us for pre-sale tix if you wanna be there!

Third –We have an official release date for the album THIS STAGE: March 31st!
More details on this coming soon! It will be available all over the place, locally and all over the internet! And we will be giving further information about the CD release party as soon as we can!
So let the anticipation build! Woo!

Fourth – Finally, Be sure to check out the new links we have:
Go there and read the random thoughts I have during the day! Don’t forget to follow me, and I’ll return the favor!

Also check out our new facebook, and add us as a friend!

Whew! Well, I believe that’s all for now! There’s a lot of stuff to look forward to.
We’ll see you soon!

-Eric Openshaw


New Website Launch!

17 02 2009

Check out the new website. We always love feedback too!
much love,

EOB @ Sho (Murray Theatre)!

17 02 2009

Date:Friday, February 27, 2009
Time: 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Location:Sho @ Murray Theatre (4959 South State Street Murray, UT)

w/ AN HORSE, Avenue,& aTiLast,
Cost: $10